Title Insurance

Protection for Lenders and Homeowners

As a licensed agent for First American Title Insurance, Ivy Pointe Title’s Title Insurance Policies provide unsurpassed protection for both owners and lenders. Since 1889, First American has been a global leader in title insurance and one of the largest title insurers in the nation.

Ivy Pointe Title wants our lender and homeowner clients to feel confident that they are well protected even after closing.

Lender Policies

These insurance policies, based on the dollar value of the property loan, protect the lender should a title problem arise after the closing. The policy amount decreases as the underlying loan is paid down over time and eventually disappears if/when the loan is paid in full.

Owners Policies

An owners’ policy is issued in the amount of the real estate purchase. It lasts as long as the owner has an interest in the property. Should a title problem arise like errors or omissions in the deed, recording mistakes, forgery and/or issues with unidentified heirs to the property, the title insurer will stand behind the owner – monetarily and with legal defense if needed – to protect the owners interest.

Title insurance can be a confusing part of closing a real estate transaction. Our attorneys have written extensively to clarify why one needs title insurance, lender vs. owner policies and how title insurance can help get a real estate transaction closed.