Accurate, Timely and Transparent Real Estate Title Services

Real estate title problems can be deal killers. Christopher Finney and Ivy Pointe Title President, Richard Turner formed Ivy Pointe Title to provide greater accuracy, timeliness and transparency in commercial and residential real estate title examination, insurance and transaction closing.

Ivy Pointe Title is able to offer a full range of commercial and residential title services to clients in Ohio and Kentucky.

To deliver unparalleled level of service, Ivy Pointe Title uniquely combines:

  • Commercial and residential real estate and title law experience
    Having a combined 40+ years in the real estate and title law practice means the professionals at Ivy Pointe Title know the common title problems and have the expertise to resolve them. Ivy Pointe Title partners with the team at Finney Law Firm to ensure uncovered title issues are resolved quickly and provide custom document preparation and contract reviews on even the most complex commercial transactions.
  • Industry Leading Technology
    Transparency in the title process is more important than ever and we have built a platform that allows our clients to see past the traditional title ordering “black box”. Our secure client portal works with industry standard title platform, to allow Ivy Pointe Title’s customers to order title and see the progress on their title projects at any point in time. We are able to process and provide paperless closings using e-signature.
  • Communication
    We value personal accessibility, so your calls are answered by a real person who is able to help you resolve your title issue or concern.

Find out how Ivy Pointe Title can get you  to real estate closings with confidence that their transaction will be accurate and happen on time. >