Commercial Title Services

From retail centers, to office and apartment buildings, to manufacturing and distribution facilities, the title professionals at Ivy Pointe Title are experienced with both simple and the most sophisticated of real estate transactions.  Our clients include small investors to and some of the largest real estate investors and developers in Ohio, as well as national and local lenders.

Staffed by four real estate attorneys and a team of experienced of title processors, our professionals are well-versed on matters of title, the full range of commercial due diligence, regulatory compliance issues, as well as a wide variety of contractual issues.

Our team has written professionally about title problems and spoken at seminars for investors, lenders, Realtors and other title professionals.

This combined experience is leveraged to your advantage in each transaction for our three prime objectives: First effective communication with transaction participants from file opening to the closing, second, to assure that every document – including the critical elements of assuring and insuring good title – is accurate, and that each closing proceeds in a timely fashion.

commercial title services