In order to protect the safety of all parties to a real estate closing, Ivy Pointe Title has a team of closers willing “go the extra mile” to obtain signatures and notarize documents for buyers and sellers.

Curb-side service

To minimize social interaction, if you drive to either of our two offices (Mt. Adams or Eastgate), you can sign documents from the comfort of your car. We will come to you with the documents, obtain signatures, and notarize those that need to be acknowledged.

Travel to your location

We will also travel to the homes or workplaces of buyer and sellers to obtain signatures and notarize documents.  When all signatures are obtained and the transaction is funded, we will record the documents, issue the title insurance policies and disburse.

Best closing practices for hygiene and safety

We use “best practices” in all of our closings, including (a) we will not meet in person with any buyer or seller who is ill or exhibiting flu symptoms, (b) none of our closers will work or attend any in-office or remote closing if he or she is ill, (c) we wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and use Clorox wipes of all pens, equipment and surfaces before and after each closing, (d) we will not shake hands and will maintain a safe distance from all closing participants and (e) almost all of our Ivy Pointe personnel are working remotely from home to limit human-to-human interaction at the company.

Teleconferencing for Realtors and lenders

At closings, we also have the technology and have trained our personnel to teleconference in lenders and Realtors from our laptops so they may participate at all stages, all while keeping a social distance and minimize the amount of people gathered at one time.  Ahhh, this probably won’t fly for roadside service closings, but we can try with FaceTime!

A great future together

Let’s all cooperate to keep the closings moving forward and stay safe!


Even in the most difficult times and the most difficult transactions, Ivy Pointe’s team is willing to go the extra mile to be “Accurate and On Time” in your real estate closing. Contact Rick Turner (513.943.5660) or Eli Kraft-Jacobs (513.797.2853) to close your real estate transaction quickly and accurately.

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