Striving to deliver lender confidence at the closing and in documentation.

The team at Ivy Pointe Title knows that accuracy, timeliness and transparent communication are the keys to a successful partnership with real estate lenders – whether the transaction is commercial or residential.

The lender is taking big risks with their money and their reputation. Our job is to understand the transaction, deliver the title commitment and policy with ease and proficiency and make our lender partners look good with a flawless closing and proper paperwork delivered in a timely manner afterwards.

We want our lender partners to be confident every time they refer a closing to us, and when they receive closing documents from us.

  • Experienced title professionals deliver unparalleled thoroughness of title exams and put in place the right policies and limitations to protect lenders and investors.
  • No-hassle title ordering – order online, and via email and telephone.
  • Email Confirmation of received orders, timeline to clear title and estimate of all fees.
  • Transparent Title Process: Online Client Portal allows access to the title work in process 24/7.
  • Open Communication: Use the web client portal or contact us and speak to a real, knowledgeable person who can resolve your questions.
  • Partnership with Finney Law Firm makes experienced real estate attorneys immediately available to resolve complex title, deed, contract or other legal issues.

The backbone of Ivy Pointe’s Title Process is industry-leading title management software combined with a experienced staff of attorneys and title professionals.

We have the desire, capability and capacity to handle all your residential and commercial title needs.

Contact us today to find out how Ivy Pointe Title’s title services can help get your next transaction to the closing table with confidence.