Real Estate Closing Services that inspire confidence

“The Ivy Pointe Title closing was fast and flawless!” – How we love to hear that from our clients!  And, thanks to our unique combination of a highly experienced team and industry leading technology, we do get to hear it pretty often.

Commercial transactions are usually complex and rarely easy.  Our title professionals and settlement agents are both coordinators and problem solvers.   Ivy Pointe Title’s Title management software platform allows us to keep clear track of all documents and closing requirements.

Ivy Pointe’s recipe for Confident Real Estate Closings :

  • Accurate Closing Documentation:  A thorough title clearance process and attention to participant details ensure that Ivy Pointe Title’s documents are right when you get to the closing table.  This includes basic organizing documents, title issues and lien information as well as complex items like 1099-S reporting and tax deferred exchanges.
  • Timely Escrow Disbursements and Document Filings:  It is important for all parties to receive their funds promptly and accurately.  Documents must be filed in a timely manner to ensure proper recording and settlement with lenders and local municipalities.
  • Transparent Communication: No surprises at the closing table because title progress and issues are communicated throughout the process.
  • Experienced closing agents who understand the need for quick, responsive problem solving, escrow executions and recording services.

Contact us today to find out how Ivy Pointe Title’s Commercial Real Estate services can help get your commercial transaction to the closing.