Vision and Values

The attorneys, paralegals and title professionals at Ivy Pointe Title, LLC have joined together to provide a full range of commercial and residential title services to the greater Cincinnati area united in their mission, vision and values. We desire to work with customers, hire employees and work with other real estate transaction partners who share these objectives with us.

Our Mission
The professionals at Ivy Pointe Title, LLC strive to provide commercial and residential real estate title services that are accurate, on time and transparent for our customers and transaction partners.

Our Vision
We are committed to honest, cooperative, timely, competent, responsive, creative and courteous real estate title work. In doing so, our vision is to be the go-to title resource for our customers and transaction partners.

Our Values
Four key standards must consistently define our work:

  • Integrity: We must act properly in everything we do.
  • Accountability: We must meet our commitments.
  • Communication: We must inform others of the performance of our commitments.
  • Excellence: We must consistently deliver the highest quality title services.

Our first responsibility is to our customers and real estate transaction partners. This means we endeavor to find and execute cost effective, thorough, creative and timely real estate title strategies that meet the needs of these groups.

Our second responsibility is to our profession. Our work must respect and advance both the spirit and the law underpinning the real estate transactions in the states and jurisdictions in which we provide services.

Our third responsibility is to our team, consisting of administrative staff, paralegals and attorneys. Each must have a personal sense of value and contribution within the organization, fair and adequate wages and benefits, as well as uplifting working conditions.

We also consider our real estate transaction partners and vendors to be valued participants in our title services delivery. In our various employment and vendor relationships, our emphasis is on ability, performance and personal character.

Our final responsibility is to our community. We must be good citizens, providing continuing education, supporting worthwhile programs and charities and paying our fair share in taxes.

If you or your business share these values, we invite you to contact us and consider our services.